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  • The iRacing Thread

    iRacing recently introduced V8 Supercar racing, and Phillip Island Raceway. And now I've just found out that working closely with AT&T Williams, they're bringing the FW31 to the game - using the same amalgamation of laser scanning, CAD and real-world data that all of their in-game cars are crafted with.

    Edit: woo, Spa Franchorps is also being brought to the game - looking forward to racing the FW31 on it.

    Teaser vids:

    And a crash I just witnessed earlier:

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    Winner of iRacing's video contest:

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      One more, showing off the incredible detail of the in-game car mechanics and physics:

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        Awesome article about one of the world's best iRacers, getting a real drive:

        "Because iRacing's physics programme is so accurate, he already knows the car well - the way it steers, the way it grips, even the way it sounds and every tiny intricacy of its set-up, from wing angles to suspension bump and rebound rates - and he's lapped this track thousands of times online."

        "The telemetry confirms it. His braking points are spot on. He's firm and precise on the throttle. And in the fastest corner, he's entering at 100mph compared to an experienced drivers 110 - a sign of absolute confidence and natural feel for grip. Remember, this is a guy who has never sat in a race car in his life - he's only referencing thousands of virtual laps."

        "Then on lap four, he pops in a 1:13.8, just three seconds off a solid time around here."

        "It's a weirdly familiar experience, he says, like deja vu... with added sweat."
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          Best story ever. That's so cool... minus the vomit.


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            Some more coolness to post... Pretty much the only two things I can complain about in iRacing is a) the car you begin with is too much of a boat to be truly pleased to be driving and b) the graphics are starting to look a tad dated.

            So here's a look at the Rookie replacement car (Mazda MX-5 Roadster coming in, Pontiac Solstice going out), and progress of their new lighting model:

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              Awesome, looks good Although I'm just starting to get in a nice groove with the solstice

              I'm actually really disappointed that I didn't get involved with iRacing earlier, I don't think I can ever go back to rFactor now


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                I'll never touch LFS again... and to be honest I'm feeling a little underwhelmed about the remaining 18 weeks of our F1 2010 league - iRacing makes it feel like a toy.
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                  Totally with you on that rec, I'd like to open my F1 spot up to anyone who wants to join, as I'll be on iRacing from here on in...


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                          Just purchased the VW TDI... pretty fail. I'd put it in the same enjoyment level as the Rookie's Pontiac Solstice.

                          The Mustang on the other hand is the single most fun car I've driven so far - immense.


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                            Laguna Seca: 2:40. It's a good lap if you've managed to crash and lose a couple limbs. (Apparently if you crash hard enough you can't turn the wheel one to one side)

                            Going to have to upgrade to a G27 for iracing.


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                              Welcome to the club.


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