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Article: Retail copies of Deus Ex are region locked

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  • Article: Retail copies of Deus Ex are region locked

    So, deus ex is region locked now...
    Games On Net :: General News: Deus Ex 3 Gets Region-Locked on PC - Import Orders Cancelled

    Importers beware! With just one week to go until the launch of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, hype is escalating rapidly and pre-release impressions have been universally positive. However, it is now clear that not everyone is going to be so happy come release day. Square-Enix have confirmed that the long-awaited sequel will be region-locked on PC worldwide and online retailers have begun cancelling all overseas orders.
    "The PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is region-locked.
    Please be sure to purchase a copy from your own region, otherwise you might not be able to register the game.

    If you should not be able to register your copy due to a region conflict, please return the game to your retailer. Square Enix cannot offer assistance in replacing incompatible registration codes." reader stayclean wrote in to inform us of the situation and confirmed that their pre-order for the title through has been cancelled due to these very reasons. This will no doubt leave many gamers who pre-ordered the coveted Augmented Edition thoroughly disappointed.

    There is a silver lining however. A later clarification confirmed the following:
    "Please note this affects PC BOXED RETAIL only.
    That said, if you have pre-ordered online through any digital-distribution service, you will not be affected.

    So why the reason for the region lock in the first place? Quite simply, "region locking exists because they couldn't get all languages onto the DVD". Basically due to disc size limitations, "the languages had to be split onto different masters". To clear up any confusion, the region lock only applies on activation, so following successful activation you will be able to play the game worldwide without issue.

    To address any language concerns, all languages will be available for the game via download.
    so yeah, go digital.
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