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  • SimCity?

    Well despite the server issues and forced rollbacks and hung game "maps" I have put too many hours into this game and love it.

    Anyone keen to get a GUVille up and running Private only?

    Oceanic 2 (as it was released only yesterday).

    Origin ID: Ziggi_au

    Buglist (sofar).
    I seem to have 3 - 4 hour server rollbacks when the client crashes. This means yay not making the same fuckups twice. Or doing it all over agian.

    Swapping maps seems to take ages - if anyone knows a fix would be awesome.

    Sending money. Learnt the hard way - sent 500k to new city. Never arrived. All ok cause I have 2 Mill on the home one but still was a bummer. Read on the forums that supposedly you have to wait till the Armoured car leaves your city that you send it from before swapping.
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    I'll be buying it mid month - once I've got some more cash, and they've fixed most of the problems.


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      waiting for the pirates to patch the online shit out before i buy it


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        yeah once they get the bugs done i will buy it.


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          will stick with cities xl platinum until it gets cheaper and they fix it


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            Now I feel bad for getting it.


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              so you get disconnected from EA while playing the game, not a problem

              ill just sign in and enjoy my new game..... please fken wait 18 mins before you can try again...

              sure its a bit glitchy and busy so i can wait

              18 mins later

              sorry unable to connect
              please wait another 18 mins .

              so i have to wait 36 mins to get back to a game i'm just playing in single player???????????



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                the reviews on amazon are fucking funny as..

       Customer Reviews: SimCity - Limited Edition


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                  Hmmm. After reading all them I'm not sure I want it at all. Sounds like they've borked it on purpose so they can charge you down the track for what should be standard features.


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