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  • Hearthstone

    "Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital strategy card game that anyone can enjoy. Players choose one of nine epic Warcraft heroes to play as, and then take turns playing cards from their customizable decks to cast potent spells, use heroic weapons or abilities, or summon powerful characters to crush their opponent."

    Well I am excited - watched quite a few of videos from Kripparrian from youtube. Seems like some fun card / turn based stratergy game that only lasts 15 minutes or so. As much as I love Magic TCG it just goes on for ages for each game.

    I am hanging out for a beta key if anyone actually has one? If you do have a account and updated your beta profile settings you may have a key in your inbox. If your not going to use it I would be very happy to take it off you.
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    no beta key sad times >:*(


    • #3

      ​Hrm Open weekend stress test I am hoping.
      While this will not be open beta, I'm sure it will be something fun many of you can enjoy.


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        Cant even upload pictures now.

        Your file of 216102 bytes exceeds the limit of 150000.

        Anywhoo. I have gotten into the beta. For those who know me on steam / skype and want to give it a shot I am more than happy to let you borrow my account.


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          how long the beta going for? its going to be free to play rite? damn when it out to the all the suckers like me!!


          • #6

            YES DOUBLE POST! :p also i got my self a key cya in there Lothar?


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              Cya ingame.


              • #8

                When are you on next Lothar so I can show off my crazy tactics and lame moves, I have all but 4 class are almost level 10..


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                  I am always on - just may not be ingame. Hit me up on steam and ill add you ingame. Not sure if we are friends yet.


                  • #10

                    i added your Steam id & Starcraft id .. hope that works and accept soo just ...ACCEPT FRIEND REQUEST


                    • #11

                      I could have sworn that you were alreadys on my steam list... I will remote home right now and do this.


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                        Also a friend has a key that isnt being used so hopefully when i get that i can give it up or set up a GU B.Net account for all to play mahaha.. what evez


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