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any Pen and Paper RPG groups in Darwin

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  • any Pen and Paper RPG groups in Darwin

    Looking forward to getting back into some good pencil and paper RPG's now that my work schedule is less screwy.
    D&D 2nd and 3rd Edition and shadowrun are the two main ones that i've played but willing to try others.

    If anyone knows of a group looking for a new member give me a yell [email protected]
    I'm mature, good sense of humour and keen to play again. I'm in stuart park but have my own transport and willing to travel out to palmerston if need be.
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    You could try looking into Maelstrom. I think they're at the Bridge Club these days.


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      cheers do you have any contact info? i havent heard of them before.
      Went into NT comics and checked the message board and found one message about a GM looking for players so i'll check it out but would be good to find more


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          maelstrom hasnt had a post in it since 03


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            yeah i was just about to say that lol..either they got a new board or they shut down


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              Im looking for a group as well.. Don`t really care about what game or typ of game just want to get back into it again


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                your best bet for info would probably be Comics NT at casuarina - i would be surprised if people didnt let Des know when they were after players. failing that, he can probably tell you where to look.

                edit: err my assumption is that you are in Darwin of course


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                  The site is now.


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                    Cheers guys,
                    Im looking forward to it.


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