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Fun things to do in Oblivion :)

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  • Fun things to do in Oblivion :)

    G'Day Guys,

    Well I recently bought my self a copy of Oblivion
    if you want to know what i think read several rants on the legalwarfare website. Great Game.

    But i thought that rather than me crapping on about the game on the Legalwarfare site i would start a thread here so please post any of your wierd experiences in oblivion, anything you thought was amusing etc.....

    Gues i will start with something i found funny as hell.

    Step one:
    Find sleeping people place apple or some kind of fruit in odd places on their body.

    Step Two: Get you Bow out and shoot the apple or what ever you placed there then watch em shit em selves as they jump out of bed really quickly and you dont get attacked!

    prolly pretty lame but i will post more later.

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    Breakleg Mountain

    hehe did this the other night - gotta love the ragdoll effects


    Go liberate yourself a horse

    ride it to the steepest hill you can find (getting wild animals to follow you adds to the effect) start running down the hill as fast as you can and i you dont fall off jump off then spin around and watch the fun of wild animals killing them selves as they tumble down the hill into jagged rocks


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      My favourite is luring goblins into their own traps


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        haha yes i love the piles of logs you can drop onto them


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          I use Ultimate Jedi spell (remote manipulation 60 ft 30 sec lasting) to peg objects at people to urge them to fight each other


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            lol where can i learn that spell btw


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              probably mage guild you'll need to be uber mage im guessing...

              if your a vampire and go a few days without feeding, you get a spell called embrace of shadows, for 120 seconds invisibility and nighteye. its fun to cast and **** around with the guards and watch how stupid the AI is.

              also, the funniest thing i have ever seen in a game is when all the other cities guards are in bruma (main story shit) do some petty crime, and get caught, resist arrest (try not to die) and run up to near where all the other cities guards are and let yourself get hit a few times by the bruma guards, because the guards are of different cities, all they see is a guard bashing you and they all come together to bash the shit out of every bruma guard chasing you, jump on a roof somewhere and watch the funniest thing you've ever seen. guards killing guards and you're completely innocent.


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                Heheheheh funny shit Heretic

                Most of the spells im spouting on about are made up spells ive created at the altar of spellmaking, and yes i am getting to be an uber high mage, still aways to go to become what i would lable as Uber.
                I use a lot of Fortify spells in combination casts to boost my abilities high enough to actually cast some of the spells of created, cause some of them are WAY higher than i think they should be. Also for an Uber lightning spell, there is a sidequest from one of the Chorrol mages from the recommendation quest to get a book. Beg Borrow or plain ol Steal it back after getting the recomendation at Chorrol and speak to a Earana. Give her a day to decifer the book, go back to where you got it and shoot a lighning spell at the broken pillar. Then duck jump run or stand your ground as a MASSIVE bolt retaliates against you. Should end up with a spell called Fingers of the Mountain. Casting it however is a different story.....


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                  Heheh getting on in my levels now,

                  Anyways i joined the dark brotherhood last night man that has to be like one of the coolest aspects of the game.
                  Also i realized that you can actually grab different parts of dead things bodys and do funny shit

                  killed this guy rufio and spent about 2 hours trying to drag his saddass up onto his bed you know hitman style but the ****er would get up there.

                  so i went on and completed a few dark bro missions until they gave me this awesome little sword whitch can be funny as hell for example : running through imperial sewers and i belt a crab with it ****ing crab goes flying like 3 to 4 foot up in the air

                  well the little blade was fun till it ran out of charge - you guys know where to get weapons recharged ?


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                    goto a mage guild house, there should be a recharge dude there, sometimes they only do it between certain times, i know if you go to charrol and goto the mage guild house then go down to the basement(locked door, easy lock i think) between 11pm and midnight the guy down there recharges your wep.


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                      Use soul gems (soul stones? whatever)....they are used to recharge magic weapons.

                      You DID read about this in your manual, didn't you?

                      Oh, and fun things to do in Oblivion?

                      That little shit that follows you after you complete the Arena quests - take him into an Oblivion gate, tell him to stay put, then close the gate - wish there were Oblivion gates in real life ;-)


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                        cheers for dat man

                        more on oblivion,

                        discovered a little thingy.....
                        if you ever get booted out of the dark brother hood for accidently stabbing somebody etc.....

                        next time you go to sleep you will wake up with a nasty sithis spirit trying to kill you, you have to kill it if you want back in the brotherhood.

                        Tip... after being booted go sleep in the fighters guild (if you are a guild member of course) when you wake the guild members will kill the ****er for you

                        btw i noticed that you can get beef in the game - any idea where the cows are ?????
                        - chips


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                          only really skimmed the manual so didnt notice that - thanks for the tip - also will have to try the arena fan thing im currently a myrmidon in the arena so might be awhile till i can try

                          - chips


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                            bought the game yesterday played it for a little while last night. i have killed 9 guards and 2 plebs after trying to steal 1 horse i have much bounty. so now i have to stash all my stolen goods somewhere and go to jail i think.

                            but it was so fun.


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                              Go find azura's shrine, east of bruma. Convince the worshippers to let you approach, and do the quest that the statue gives you.

                              Azura's star - reusable soulstone ftw

                              Do the same for the nocturnal shrine way down by the very bottom city

                              reusable lockpick with +40 to security :O

                              lots of cool items from the daedra

                              also... get lots of grand souls in your azura's star, and make yourself a suit of armour with chameleon, get 100% and you're invisible, and it doesn't break when you attack. Makes sprinting through the oblivion gates a lot easier


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