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quiting wow and sellin the account

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  • quiting wow and sellin the account

    the character is on a rp server

    Join thousands of mighty heroes in Azeroth, a world of magic and limitless adventure.

    i also got an alt just a lvl 17 i think i shandris realm which i use to check my latency problem.

    u might wanna pay transfer the character to a different realm though the chances u might wanna stay cus this char is in a good guild that started to run 2 simulataneous karazhan raid which i rarely gets to attend .

    The guild have preety much have karazhan on farm except for 3 bosses ( netherspite,nightbane and the demon boss with the imps).

    Anyway if you interested buyin give me call at 0448171688
    I prefer local buyer in darwin.

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    Nice stats man - Wish I had the time to play again.