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City Of Heroes/Villains - Issue 11

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  • City Of Heroes/Villains - Issue 11

    The CoH/CoV servers have gone down for the application of Issue 11. In about 6 hours time we'll have our first real look at the two new powersets (Dual Weapons and Will Power) + the Ouroboros system (yeaup looks like they're Red Dwarf fans too - which allows you to redo any of the major mission arcs you might've missed in your madcap rush for level 50) + the new invention sets (finally! decent defensive sets for my Tanker!) .. oh and the fan favourite - the weapon customisation component.

    So for those of you that have played but quit for whatever reason, now's a good time to dust off those old accounts and get back in. The game client is already applying the new patch so all will be ready to roll when the servers come back up - and for those of you playing still, if you dont like their slow website lagging when you're checking the servers' status listings - I've ripped their uptime script and embedded it in a basic page here:

    And for those of you who HAVEN'T played before, grab yourself a copy of CoH form the site - with NCSoft's recent aquisition of the franchise, they're going to be giving everyone with CoH a copy of City of Villains for free soon. It's good fun, no honest!

    wellp.. hope to catch you all in game with the rest of the level 1 Dual Weapon/Willpower specced Scrappers
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    Wanna know something funny

    My sister just got pretty much engaged to one of the devs of this game, want me to try and hook you up with some freebies?


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      **** that! hook me up with butt secks with the devs!

      but failing that, ys pls freebies

      i'd so love a job writing their mission stories for them :/


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        I'll probably be over there sometime next year, tell you how it goes after I meet the guy


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          good lad, good lad! in the interim - want an invite to the game?


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            I'm tempted, very tempted, how much is the cost per month?


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              $19 and dropping - if i get you an invite tho, you get a 10 day trial of Coh and CoV - see if you like it that way

              but sign up a few more people and hola! free months

              oh, and i forgot to mention that with issue 11, they're giving players a free costume change token and a free respec - both are very handy to have so get your characters up and running when the servers come back up!


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                So, does Mr. Chedderman need a side kick?
                buzz me on msn about it


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                  lol - of all my heroes, he especially does

                  he's a Defender (healer) -and has crap all attack capability

                  - priv me your email addy if you want an invite, will come from plaync


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                    wheres my invite u promised last dga


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                      you mean this one?

             Nov 05 2007 01:29AM Jan 05 2008 01:29AM E-mail Sent


                      lenko and heretic never activated theirs either, so now i have to hijack chips' account to send invites :/


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                        Well, if you hit me with a 10 day trial at robert.bryce "at" gmail. "see-oh-em" I'll give it a try, and if it's any good, Mr Cheadarman might get a sidekick in "Phish Taco-Boy"


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                          I just haven't got around to downloading the game, caus we keep hitting our ****en cap too quick :p


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                            LOL nice name.. and the pinks you can get in the game will serve you well!

                            invite sent

                            edit: geez lenko i told you i could burn the client for you


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                              Still waiting for my email...
                              is it coming?

                              edit: got it
                              Last edited by BrAiN DaNcE; 29-11-07, 12:27 AM.


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