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Penny Arcade Adventures: Ep1

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  • Penny Arcade Adventures: Ep1

    Not sure how many of you have bothered to play it, but I finished it last night.
    The game was pretty short, as expected. I mean, its episodical, so it's pretty much assumed.

    Probably one of the most FUN games I've played in a long time.
    Made me laugh alot, including some nice belly laughs.

    I guess it helps that i love the actual PA comics.

    Killing Mimes, Clowns and distracting Fruit ****ers by throwing oranges at them. What more could a PA Fan want?

    PS. Anyone know when Ep2 is due out?
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    I enjoyed the writing/story more the the actual game play.
    Very funny game, with standard FF style combat.

    Seems the art work and story for ep2 was done along with ep1.


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