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    Well I'm about 15-20 hours play in and it has been freaking awesome so far... although you start to see through all this talk of true open-ended open-world play, which is rubbish. The dialogue and karma systems have little impact on actual outcomes, and the main quest remains more or less linear. The combat system is cool, but that coolness quickly wears off and its "just the way to kill enemies" soon enough.

    It has been a great experience, my favourite single player RPG by far, but I do feel my attention wandering and I haven't finished the game's main quest yet. Although when it comes to a short attention span and not finishing single player games, I'm a superstar... I've finished less than half a dozen single player games in my life, despite the hundreds and hundreds played.

    Examples in recent times is that I almost played COD4 and Bioshock through to full completion. Almost.

    How is everyone else going with it?


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      ****ing loving it - i've temporarily abandoned the main quest and gone hunting deathclaws off my own bat - Alien Blaster FTW!

      I have zero issues with this game. It's EXACTLY what I wanted from it - right down to the size of inside maps etc. chock full of in jokes and plenty of opportunities for the player to just have fun.

      I can understand the karma system not having a huge impact, after all, there IS an overarching storyline they're trying to push you through. If you could be REALLY evil, you couldn't talk to most of the people you need to to get quest updates.

      I've been playing for 30 or so hours now and my joy for this game has not flagged one bit.

      and I love that the mapping bugs you come across can be fixed via the console thanks to Fallout Wiki - The Vault - a Fallout wiki (missing robots in the Big Town junkyard got me).

      but i still want a co-op mod :/


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        you people make the original fallouts cry in agony...


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          I don't think so. I absolutely adored the originals - (I had to they were some of the only mac games you could get back then ;P ). If anything the main storyline is MORE indepth than the original ones. The RPG elements are true to the original. and the combat is a breath of fresh air.

          people complain about the VATS system - well so what? don't use it if you don't like it - everyone here is an FPS player anyway prettymuch.

          the fallout experience was ALWAYS about the world they'd created. Fallout 3 fleshes it out even more.


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            I have a question, I have bought the physical version and passed it now I want to legitimatly get the DLC but cant for the life of me figure out how to get it, I though windows live maybe but that just put me in xbox live and was not the way, gah im so confused.


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              Pretty sure you need a paid GFWL account?


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                GFWL is free, all u need to do is install it and then search for the DLC in GFWL and purchase them.

                but there is a retail expansion copy out soon with the first 3 expansions on one disk if you wanna wait it is meant to be coming out around the same time as the new expansion.


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                  ahhh excelent, thank you for the help, ill wait for the retail but i think ill get the GFWL client as well.


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                    I just want to know what I'm supposed to do with the microsoft points I have left over after my purchase.


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