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Fallout 3 add-on: "Operation: Anchorage"

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  • Fallout 3 add-on: "Operation: Anchorage"

    Anyone bought/played this? I'm keen to give it a whirl, but am scared it'll turn out as shit as the Mass Effect expansion.
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    No because I bought FO3 on steam and the addon is only available on games for windows lives and I CBF using to content managment systems to play the one game.


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      +1 more vote for the death of GfWL


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        I bought it on Steam, but haven't ran it on Steam (laptop too shit). I bought it for the 360 as well though; that's what I'm playing it on atm.


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          Don't know if you bought this but I got all 3 DLC's. All are fun and add new content, especially good is Broken Steel which adds 10 extra levels and you get to blow the shit out of the Enclave.


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            I'm so f*cking over Fallout 3. So, so over it. I don't think I'll ever be able to play another game on the same engine... have thrashed it way too hard. The idea of playing it kinda infuriates me, now.


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              You done all the DLC's and all the side quests???
              The thing I really like about fallout3 is I can go away from it for a month or two and give it a rest and just pick up again fine from where I left off. Although I'm close to having done EVERYTHING I can do. Just need to find some more bobbleheads and one or two more side quests


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