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Aion pre-purchases available via steam

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  • Aion pre-purchases available via steam

    NCSoft is making their beautiful new MMO, Aion? available for pre-purchase today on Steam.

    Steam purchasers have the privilege of choosing Aion Standard Edition or Aion Collector's Edition.

    The full version launches on September 22 (and 25th in Europe) each version comes with additional pre-purchase incentives such as:
    - 7 additional days of game time - allowing 37 total days of play time when the full game releases
    - Special in-game bonus items including:
    - Attribute boosting hat
    - Experience boosting talisman
    - Exclusive special effects ring (water)

    Steam players who purchase the Aion Collector's Edition also receive these additional in-game items:
    - Black Cloud Wings which give 40 seconds of additional flight time
    - Black Cloud Earring which gives an HP and an MP boost
    - Special character title, "Pioneer of Aion", with stat boost
    - Color dye to tint one in-game item
    - Two character emotes - Disco Emote and Samba Emote

    Also, pre-purchasing on Steam gets you an invite to the pre-release closed-beta events. The next beta event is July 17th - see below for specific time.

    Focus: Elyos and Asmodian levels 1-25, including access to the Abyss.
    Starting time: 17th of July (noon PDT, 8 PM BST, 9 PM CEST)
    Ending time: 20th of July (noon PDT, 8 PM BST, 9 PM CEST)

    For anyone confused about these time standards, PST is the time on the US west coast, BST is what to look at if you're in London and CEST is for those of you in Central Europe.

    For more info regarding beta events please go to NCSoft's Aion web site Home | Aion™ Fantasy MMORPG.
    Looks like a coolg ame
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    wait - "Black Cloud Wings which give 40 seconds of additional flight time" this implies that the game where their big marketing push is that everything can be done while flying, has a timed element to flight?! i call 'meh' ;P


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      Yeah i dunno about that one :p


      • #4

        well obviously you get tired flying it'd be like running/sprinting.

        looks like a ****ing awesome game.


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          but .. this is the company that brought us City of Heroes/Villains! the only time flying people drop out of the sky in those games is when they get hit with something that stops them flying

          (ignoring temporary powers like jetpack)


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            NCSoft were also behind Guild Wars (loved that game, even if only for a short time).

            I'll consider grabbing this... maybe.


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              Pre purchased... Hopefully will get me through to SW TOR


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                been playing the beta, liking it more than any MMO so far. Yes. even more than WoW.


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                  Hey! bit more info on aion.. might see you on line for next betta tomorrow.
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