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Champions Online - 1st free expansion announced

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  • Champions Online - 1st free expansion announced

    geebus - the game literally came out a few hours ago and they already have media up for the first free expansion, Blood Moon, due out in October!
    Champions-Online Blood Moon

    nice to see they're adding a new mode to PVP, i mean, zombies sell well in every other genre so why not here too?

    a new powerset so soon is unbelievable too - the game already has a ridiculous amount of stuff to choose from and they're adding more?!

    • Explore the new Celestial Powerset. Use the power of the Seraphim to heal and strengthen your allies, or release the fury of the Nephilim in a battle against evil.
    • Beware the Zombie Apocalypse rising in Canada! Battle against zombies in PVP, but no matter what, do not fall there. Should you die, you shall return as one of the undead horde, bound to fight in Takofanes? name.
    • Fight off ravenous werewolf packs, but be careful lest you get bitten and infected with their dark magic.
    • Stand against undead heroes who once fought in the Battle of Detroit, and do your best to free their souls from Takofanes? necromancy.
    • Challenge Takofanes to drive him from our land, but beware ? you must fight the dark sorcerers who serve him before you have any chance of facing the Undying Lord.

    also, they have the character pages working now - here's me!

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    wow.... that is fast... mind u now i have to get an account from somewhere to take a look at gameplay


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      Here is something that is related


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        rofl spirit!

        and ratty, when they start allowing trial invites, i'll be handing em out


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          Hey Aegis, I'm thinking about picking up Champions Online tomorrow. Is there any specific server that I should be playing on? Heroes or Viliains?


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            nadda dom, it's all one server - zones are instanced (like the channels in aion)


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              Originally posted by Aegis View Post
              rofl spirit!

              and ratty, when they start allowing trial invites, i'll be handing em out
              sweet... yeh definatly flick one my way


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                discovered last night i gimped my primary character pretty hard - selected the wrong characteristic focii for his primary stats :/

                be careful of that dom, make a custom framework when you setup your character, because the preset stat layouts aren't right for the primary powersets :/ (granted you can retcon(respec) but the further back you go (i'd need to go to level one since it was the base stats i stuffed) the pricier it gets - waiting for the free retcon they've promised the headstarters (due to changes to some of the powersets made in that first week)).

                that said, i setup a healer last night (David Cop-A-Heal) who can handle more damage than my tank! without healing himself! Force powerset with Intelligence and Presence as primary stats is awesome

                also, this java app might help plan a character: championBuilder - The Champions Online Builder

                i love how you can have a DPS ranged, healing, tank

                oh and it looks like if you want to PvP, at this point, don't take melee attacks that don't have a close-the-gap type function built in - everyone's ranged in PvP.
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                  hmmm, looking at it, I'm leaning towards more of a gun-wielding champion though. Would loe to get a retail box but Steam may be the go If node are hosting the files.


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                    im all clobbering/Tanking for me (HULK LIKE)

                    i like champions online but im still finding out the lvling areas


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                      figured i'd just bung this vid in here - a supergroup have set themselves up as the powerrangers in champions:



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                          I've got 1 (possibly 2) trial keys left if anyone else wants a go at Champions

                          Ratty, PM sent with the 3rd key.


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                            send another to ratty.

                            get marley to play it ratty. he'd love it.