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Champions newbie epic fail

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  • Epic! Champions newbie epic fail

    too funny - the Champions Online servers were down for somewhere around 14 hours overnight. Players getting upset yadda yadda. Anyway, Cryptic was really good with updates throughout the process of sorting things - both through their website and tons of info via twitter.

    well, when they fixed it, they posted this on their website:
    During our nightly maintenance, a new member of our Network Operation team incorrectly updated our patching manifest file. The result of this error required us to do a complete resync of the patching system and affected log-ins. Fortunately our infrastructure is highly resilient, so while the transfer of this much data was a lengthy process; it wasn?t a difficult one. This resync resulted in no character or game data loss, just an unfortunately extended period of down time.
    Due to the lengthy down time we will be extending all affected subscribers an additional day of free game time. Our desire is to have you as unaffected by this issue as possible, and we apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused.
    glad I'm not that guy!

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    Haha, better now than a year down the track i guess.


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      hehe also! there is serious win contained within that game! some villain was raiding a warehouse that stored ping pong balls (must own a strip joint) and they were spilt all over the ground - so while fighting the bad guys you're constantly slipping over the stupid things and going A over T