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    yer The Swiftsure has a 2hr wait F that
    What is ur name on Light for The Hydian way?
    mines JimBarr


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    Queues? Don't like the sound of that. How long U talking?
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      not on The Hydian way

      but on that The Swiftsure bahhh


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        Swiftsure - 1hr 50min queue.
        Harbinger - 58min queue.

        I won't be rolling on either of those servers.
        At the moment Im messing around with characters on Krath - but that wont be my final home (odds on).


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          they say, that the servers are getting increased limit cap with in the next few days


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            Unofficial aussie servers are doomed to have problems. Just look at Blackrock :/


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              yea i think i'll stick with hydian way atm, no wait time at all and only medium server load at most so far and see how it goes.
              my name is "mepm"

              how many bars are ppl getting?


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                dammit now that the game is released i have a 20min wait to get in,
                there are other servers i can get in straight away but ive already leveled my character to 11 no fckn way im starting again.


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                  11's not so bad. My Sage is 22 and my Trooper is 16. The starter area is quite quick if you've done it before.


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                    yer i have like 4 toons on level 11 its after that it gets into long runs and site seeing adventures

                    my friends been playing my account due too having a Mac, so i got loads or random toons going too lolz ill have to get a list down somehow!


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                      I have no characters - dam the download is big. Only 27Gb


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                        I bought my copy but my account has that security question error that's been happening and now I have to make an international call just to resolve it -__-


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                          im soooo drunk


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                            Originally posted by Lothar View Post
                            I have no characters - dam the download is big. Only 27Gb
                            My download keeps failing, first on the 1.4gb section and then at the end of the 11.7gb install. Methinks I gotta find someone close with the game flies cuz eff downloading that again -__-


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                              I can link you to a http download if you would like?


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