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    I see there is a new expansion coming out soon, can i get everyone's usernames or can they add me "mepm" on "dalborra".
    what ever happened to gu guild?


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    I left my subscription turn over to F2P and so i cant make any more toons as i have so many.. i'll have to delete or subscribe again.. maybe when the new cap is increased.. for know i've just been playing GW2.


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      Soo they merged a few servers now
      Dalborra --> The Harbinger
      Master Dar'Nala --> The Bastion
      Gav Darago --> Bergeren Colony

      If you didn't use the free character server switch (like me) that's whats happened


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        yea no local servers anymore which completely sucks, and now everyone is crammed into these instanced super servers. apparently it provides us with a better "experience". BS.


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          YaY time to dust off the pilot jump suit and space some tie fighters!
          Watch the “Conflict Rising” trailer and take your battle to space with epic 12v12 dogfights in the next Digital Expansion: Galactic Starfighter!


          • #96

            mmm thank the lord i have got Pokins and an rebal orange jumpsuit all ready


            • #97

              So anyone going to play this when the F2P people are allowed in ?

              As I subscribe going to hit this up tonight.. firing my lazors!
              Early Access for Galactic Starfighter is now available for all Subscribers!


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                So had a few dog fights and the controls are very similar to 'Star Conflict' the F2P game off steam. The pvp mode has different load outs and tweeks here and there but when waiting for the match to start you can run around doing other jazz to pass the time in the Normal game of SW:Tor. Im sure they will add more modes and way to kill each other like the other PvP matches on offer. I defiantly recommend do in the tutorial in flying (which i should finish one of these days ) as I just found out how to put full power to the guns or shield for those sticky dog fights blasting suckers out of the sky.


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