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  • Warhammer40k Dark Millenium MMORPG

    hey guys this is just for those people that can track down more information about the new game with very little information about it, i have a starting point witch i found a pre-order just the game listed at the bottom, if anyone can track down more information on this game i would be in your debt, i want to know if there is some truth to this claim of 25th of nov?

    Thank you for any help you can supply on this game.

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      i thought we had some early gameplay vids on GU but can't find them - showed a titan kicking arse.

      edit: ahh it was on GON

      and here's the broken video from that article
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        thanks for relocating this to MMORP section sorry i did not do this before.
        Yeah i have seen that vid, they are keeping this game under wraps real well.


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