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Skyrim Review (8 hours in, social life demolished)

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  • Skyrim Review (8 hours in, social life demolished)

    Skyrim, a game we have all looked forwards to for months, has being released. But does it live up to our expectations?

    Many of us have seen demo's of the game showing off the many features, and streamlining of skills and attributes, which many have labelled as "Dumbing down", however, the truth is far from it, the gameplay in skyrim flows well, and features many things to keep you interested during your playtime. Combat no longer feels like a task, sometimes, it can be as fast and fluid as you want it to, ortherwise, it could be as slow and stealthy as you need it to be. The dual wielding system in skyrim is a great addition, and there are also noticeable changes in how magic is used. on the topic of magic, magic is far superior in skyrim then to oblivion, remember that time you could barely kill a bandit in oblivion? and it was just a low level, but all you had was your fireball spell, well begone with the useless spells, many spells actually now have a use.

    Character creation has being hugely improved upon, With new additions such as face paint and facial hair. It is also noted that each race has now even more unique features available to them. Bethesda has also fixed it's usually ugly faces with new, proper faces.

    The animation's and character movement in Skyrim is vastly improved, and facial expressions and other details are now rendered nicely. The Graphics are a vast improvement over oblivion, however, the game still features some of those terrible long distance draw pea soup, it is also worth noting that some area's that look amazing use 2D textures on closer inspection. however, this dosen't deduct from the overall experience, as there are many more features like better lighting, amazing rivers etc. to keep you away from the bad and into the amazing. As far as i have progressed into skyrim, each town/city looks quite unique. There is also plenty of of sights to be seen.

    The scenery in skyrim sets it apart from its predecessor, the landscape of skyrim is mountainous, and bethesda has cleverly used this to set players upon stunning sights, as in small valleys or gigantic hills, this makes the land of skyrim a blast to explore.

    Skyrim as a game feels very disconnected from oblivion, which is why it captures the essence of The Elder Scrolls series. The player may feel like they are in a completely different, quite immersive world, yet it will still be rich with Elder Scrolls lore. It may also be noted that Skyrim has a more "actionish" feel to it.

    Character dialogue is one of the only downfalls, not everyone is willing to have a conversation with you, and mostly the only people you can talk with are the questgivers, a small disappointment for such a good game.

    Overall, so far, this gets a 9.5/10 from me. A must buy for any elder scrolls fan or RPG Fan in general.
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