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  • WoW and Proxies

    Hi guys! F1R5T P05T and all that. i'll get right into it.

    The building in which I currently reside has it's own internet service, which I currently use. Problem is, that internet service is wireless and, as people can access it outside the rooms, so they now use a proxy with a username and password when you open an internet browser.

    This is the problem: When I try to load up World of Warcraft, and connect to a server, it has no way to access the proxy authentication. Does anyone know a method/program/something, that would allow the game to work through the proxy server?
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    I use an application called Proxifier to capture traffic of applications that do not have proxy support inbuilt. I know it works with wow - however your Proxy that you are using would have to be a socks5 proxy TBH.

    Currently my setup is as follows.
    PC > WEB
    SSH Tunnel (SOCKS server on localhost PuTTy) <> SSH Tunnel <> VPS > Web

    Proxifier goes through my local SOCKS server through my ssh tunnel and ends on my VPS persay.


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