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  • Path of Exile

    Currently in open beta.

    It's basically a Diablo clone, and in this case that certainly isn't a bad thing.
    It's literally what Diablo3 should have been. In-depth skill trees, nice graphics and great dungeon crawl gameplay.

    Heretic and I have spent the last two days smashing the everloving shit out of it.
    It's had a few stability issues (it is open beta after all); but they are active in sorting out the bugs.

    It's free to play and uses the micro-transaction model. The major difference is it is NOT pay 2 win.

    I highly recommend checking it out.

    Path of Exile
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    speaking of diablo clones, has anyone else tried Akaneiro: Demon Hunter? its browser based from american mcgees


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      too lazy to play it because it's not on steam. Hurry up with the steam.


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        After a couple of weeks of playing this game hardcore; and having multiple level 50's, I can say with confidence that this game is fucking awesome.

        It eats a huge burrito, takes D3 and shits in it's mouth.


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