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  • Neodium
    started a topic Lans in alice springs

    Lans in alice springs

    Recently moved to alice springs, checking to see if there are currently any lans being run around the joint.

    I've read that there were some run many years ago but cant find any info on ones that may be running at the moment.

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  • The Sydney Gamers League returns

    in News

    The Sydney Gamers League returns

    "What returns?" I don't blame you; The LAN scene has been dwindling into obscurity for the better part of a decade. Sydney Gamers League, otherwise known as SGL, isn't giving up on the treasured pastime however. The event is under new ownership, and is kicking off this Saturday at noon......
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  • Bioshock 2 multiplayer sinks

    Bioshock 2 multiplayer sinks

    It turns out that 2K Marin has gone the way of Infinity Ward. It has just been made clear that there will be no LAN support, and no dedicated servers for the sequel's new multiplayer component. The explaination given is a contradiction in itself, and reads "We chose to spend the time we had creating a solid game foundation and unfortunately that did not include LAN play or dedicated servers." Make of that what you will....
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  • billbob
    started a topic PPL LAN ON! :D:D:D:D:D

    PPL LAN ON! :D:D:D:D:D

    Go to this site for more info
    NoS Gaming - NOS LAN 8.12

    NoS Gaming - NOS LAN 8.12

    You need to sign in to the site to show thet you coming.
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  • KidCynic
    started a topic NOS LAN 8.11

    NOS LAN 8.11

    NOS LAN 8.11

    NoS LANs
    NoS LAN Parties Start : Friday 14 November 2008, 21:30
    End : Saturday 15 November 2008, 21:30

    82 Leanyer Drive

    Nitro Offline Sports LAN for the month of November. Starting at around 2130 on Friday...
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  • brislan
    started a topic New brisbane based lan

    New brisbane based lan

    because the greatest ever lan in brisbane (ie motherlan) has now died, a bunch of the guys and myself figured, why let a good thing die? the original plan was to continue it exactly the same, but when we found out we couldnt use the same venue it hurt, however, the venue we are talking to now could...
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