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  • ADSL in Woolner

    Could someone on ADSL in Woolner cancel their internet so a port will become available for me? kthxbye

    Seriously though, I've moved to Woolner from the northern suburbs and was looking forward to living it up on an iinet or node exchange (darwin city). But turns out im on a RIM and still have to get off-net. Oh well that's ok but it's FULL, and i've been waiting over a month now for a port to become available on it

    Anyone ever had to wait for a port to become open?
    Any other Woolner peeps?
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    Hey Kawolski,

    I am from iiNet. If the support / provisioning guys have your account / task / application there they should be re-applying every 2 - 3 days to see if a port is available. There is no que for ports at all - there is either free ports or no free ports. Call up the guys on 1300 634 515 during the week and ask what your status for ADSL is.

    Krystin Dix


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      Cheer Lothar, so thats how it works.

      My account is just "on hold" and I get an automated email every 10 days or so to say nothing has changed.


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