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Price Inquiry Into The Cost Of Tech/Games

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  • Price Inquiry Into The Cost Of Tech/Games

    Australian Government Goes Ahead With Price Inquiry Into The Cost Of Tech/Games | Kotaku Australia

    All major computer and software publishers will be sent invitations to defend their pricing policies at a Federal Parliament inquiry. MP Ed Husic has been campaigning for fairer local prices, and he welcomed the inquiry.
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    All the questioned companies responded to the inquiry today, saying "Because we can". The Government now says "We've done everything possible".

    Seriously, will do nothing.


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      They can charge whatever the fuck they want. It sucks but as long as we keep paying, they will keep charging.


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        As I've pointed out else the real problem isn't in Australia it is overseas.
        A lot of these products only have one distributor in Australia, and in jurisdictions where they can get away with it the manufacturer restricts what markets the distributor can sell into. ie.. US distros and Retails often aren't allowed to sell the goods into foreign markets or they risk losing the right to sell those goods. If they tried to pull that on Australian distributors the ACCC will be down on them like a ton of bricks. This means the Australian Distributors often have no real competition.

        The only way to really fix the issue is next time the US try to force a FTA or copyright laws on us lets force some competition laws on them.


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