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Valhalla in May 2007

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  • Valhalla in May 2007

    26-27 May 2007

    Hey Guys,

    Listed above is the dates for a valhalla lan in Adelaide.

    Wondering if anybody is keen to drive to adelaide, and attend the lan with me. I can take 4 people with me in my car. Or 2 car it down there.

    Its a 2 day drive. LAN then 2 day drive back.

    This is early notice. Really if keen hit me up on msn or something and I will compile a list of interested people and we can re visit this a little later in the new year.
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    how much will the costs be?
    like to chip in for fuel, accommodation, lan, food, everything.
    I'm semi keen

    how many people is this lan?


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      be 250 - 500 ppl


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        Originally posted by Unseen View Post
        Its a 2 day drive. LAN then 2 day drive back.
        2 days @ 130 km/h?


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            I'll meet you all there. I'm currently at Sydney airport and will arrive back in Adelaide for an undetermined amount of time in just a few hours.

            Valhalla has been as large as 600-700, but I have no idea what numbers show up these days. It'll be large, whatever that is.


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              Ive been wanting to go for ages. Name your price Unseen.


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                well its 6000km return from Darwin to Adelaide.

                $1200 would be the cost for my car .. there and back.

                So the more people to come ie, fill the car with 5 people .. it would boil down to
                $240 per person for fuel ..

                then accomadation would be at recs place so itd be free or if not a cheap motel somewhere close ish to the venue.

                Id say about $350 would cover the entire trip if 5 people were to come .. me being 1 of them.


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                  i'll meet you there aswell kurt.

                  might even take Joshua.


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                    see free to stay at burks as well


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                      very long days if you try to do it in 2 days :p


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                        if you can put up with a crying baby

                        i drove down in 3 comfortable days..

                        Darwin > Threeways - 8 hours
                        Threeways > Coober Pedy - 14 hours
                        Coober Pedy > Adelaide - no idea..

                        and this was with 2 x dogs and a cat.


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                          So, who's on the list as confirmed so far?


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                            If you boys do make it I'll arrange for the |nAp| guys to show up as well.
                            Most of us are Adelaide boys.

                            We are also going to the one this Australian day weekend - Reloaded2.

                            If your interested rec post here (you'll need to register 1st)


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                              I'm trying to put a CSS team together at the moment with some old Pantheon SA boys. We want to take down Euphoric.


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