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    Damn straight. QQ before you pew pew


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      If you were looking at a writing a short guide, I'd start with the tips/explanations made in this video:


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        Ranks for bc2 are ridiculous

        Battlefield Bad Ass: Bad Company 2 | Battlefield Bad Company 2 Information


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          LOL... they are ridiculous. Then again I can see why it could be so high (to keep the serious hard core gamers attached for longer). My wife plays Farmville on FB and you should see the hours she puts in just to get the next Master level on a particular crop. She has over $4.2M in cash and has bought everything there is to buy !

          At my rate I can see me getting into the teens and not much further. My gaming time is limited.

          I suppose there are heaps of big value accomplishments to obtain to help but it starts to get a bit crazy in the amount of points needed from the early 20's on.


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            i know. it was hard for and annoying to get my lvl 20 something


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              Ok - Feary is rank 25. Having played 1d 15h. Assuming he has only reaced rank 25. So he has 537,000 points So asuming total points is justtime he only has 19.16 days total before he reaches rank 50. Roughly 1200 hours - which is about the amount of time which I had spent on BF2 over a year.


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                It would be longer. Because those special ribbons you get that gives 5000, 10000 points wont be available anymore.


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                    You can continually get gold and platinum stars, with 5000 and 10000.


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                      m95 can kill multiple targets with a single bullet. woo.


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                        Ooooo, haven't done that yet but I can 1 shot people at medium to close range with the Spec 2 that increases the Damage and Range.


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                          Originally posted by paladin View Post
                          m95 can kill multiple targets with a single bullet. woo.
                          Have only done that 3 times so far - but once it was 2 headshots. I was very impressed with myself.

                          Shame about the hopelessly long reload times. I still use the GOL as my primary sniper rifle, with Magnum Rounds.


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                            yeah. double headshot. double marksman headshot +119. didnt realise it could do it until that heh. dont think i have magnum rounds yet


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                              Magnum rounds make not much of a difference with the snipers. Its when you pull your pistol out that you see the effect of the rounds


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