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City Of Heroes/Villains - Issue 12

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  • City Of Heroes/Villains - Issue 12

    wow, in the coming weeks, CoH players get yet another massive free upgrade to the game..

    City of Heroes Community Site

    Finally Epic archtypes for villains! (once you hit level 50 you can create these types of bad guys).

    on top of whole new zones to explore, and new enemies. The addition of the abilitiy to choose from an extra primary and secondary powerset should really make a massive change to the game.

    I think this is the biggest update since I started playing, looks like NCSoft buyout of the CoX franchises is really starting to payoff for the players.

    I must admit though, I'm not keen on the Hollows reworking - after running my first two characters through that nightmarish maze of a smashed city chock full of badguys many levels above you - I really started to enjoy the skill of being able to cross that zone without being attacked... oh well, might help new players settle in better.

    The Midnight Squad

    The Midnighters hold many secrets within their walls, including a highly coveted Ouroboros crystal, enabling them to travel to the far reaches of time. There is a familiar threat in an ancient land and the Midnighters need the help of both Heroes and Villains to stop it. Players step foot upon the ancient land of the Roman Cimeroran Peninsula, where they battle deadly creatures, defend an ancient city and ultimately come face to face with the enemy of time itself. Throughout this journey players uncover the mysteries of power and the origins that guide them today.
    Through their accomplishments, players unlock the new Roman themed armor costume set.

    Villain Epic Archetypes

    Infiltrate the Arachnos organization from within! Upon reaching level 50, Villains unlock two new Epic Archetypes; Wolf Spiders and Blood Widows. They have their own unique storyline and missions, power combinations and costume sets. Branching powersets allow the Wolf Spider to specialize as either a Bane Spider or Crab Spider and the Blood Widow chooses from the Fortunata and Night Widow branches. Each brings with it unique costumes for your Arachnos duties, as well as your newfound role as a Destined One.

    Powerset ProliferationHollows Zone "Gameplay Makeover"

    Significant changes have been made to the Hollows zone to make it more fun! NPC encounters have been rebalanced, including new spawns, new villain groups, mission door improvements, and a mobile hospital has been added to the entrance of the zone. Additionally, Meg Mason, a new contact, has been added to give out repeatable missions.

    Major Gameplay Improvements
    • Eight configurable new power trays let players customize their User Interface by placing them anywhere on the screen.
    • Contact display redesign: Contacts are now listed separately as Active and Inactive, and players can sort contacts by a range of criteria including Name, Zone, and Level Range.
    • Inspiration Conversion: Right click an inspiration to convert three of that kind into any one inspiration of another kind.
    • Level Up Boost: Upon reaching enough XP to level up (at all levels), one of each type of large inspiration is immediately cast upon your character, and health and endurance bars are immediately filled.
    • Chat improvements: Right click on character names in chat window to ignore, add to friends list, invite to team, etc. Drag any item (enhancement, inspiration, salvage, etc.) into the chat window so that you and others can click a hotlink to view the complete info box.
    • More Real Numbers: Players can now display stats on powers before they choose them enabling more informed power selection and new temporary powers allow players to display enemy stats.

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    I haven't left you man, I've just been busy


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      woohoo preloading of issue 12 has started (for those that dont know, simply load the game, then quit out - the preload begins after you quit the main game)


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        woo! issue 12 is LIIIIIIIIIIVE - updater is finishing up the pre-install... ... applying patch.. doh 15mins to go