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EVE Online - factional warfare and ambulation

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  • EVE Online - factional warfare and ambulation

    Factional warfare is coming and i can't wait for it, even wish for the summer to pass faster which is kinda weird XD I'm going to mobilize my gallente and amarr characters and go kick some caldari and minnie.. tail pipes. Caldari for having such ugly ships and stations that strongly offend my sense of all the beautiful in game and minmatar just because they are used to playing underdogs and need some more kicking.

    After that we're supposed to get new bodies for our characters to get the **** out of our ships, finally!
    EVE Presentation Video from NYCC 2008 | Ten Ton Hammer

    ... there is already a debate going on forums about who is going to be the first to dance on a bar table half naked for ISK XD
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    So are companies sending out spambots these days to spam public forums because advertising costs too much or something? Hrmmmm.


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      i dunno, where do you see a spambot?


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        it's not a spambot, and GTC's are a legitimate in game way of making money (real and in-game), so uh..


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          CCP also frown on selling characters for cash.


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            ah i see, i'm the spambot ... I thought he meant the google ads that keep showing up in the middle of this thread, but i guess that was when i logged off ... well i have been accused of being an african scammer by some weird ebay dude before, before but a spambot - that's my first

            CCP frowns on character sales because they do not want people to start devising all kinds of nasty keyloggers and exploits to pretty much stealing them from other players and selling for profit, but whether they forbid it or not some people will do this anyways. Personally i see nothing wrong in selling your own MMORPG accounts that you have paid for and spend time and effort in raising.

            And if you guys see something wrong with what i posted to be taken for a spambot :sad: just explain it to me if i'm breaking some rules and i'll change it.


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              That's okay. We tend to get a lot of spambots around here, and unfortunately, the way you worded your post, plus having links in the sig, is a characteristic trait of some of them.

              Good luck with your sale.


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