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  • Champions Online for WoW players

    Massively has a good write-up of Champions Online from a WoW player's perspective: A WoW players guide to Champions Online - Massively

    snippet from the tail end of the article
    Friendly, familiar, different

    Both games are friendly to the solo player, assuming you plan on creating a balanced character. The thematic differences between Champions Online and World of Warcraft are obvious, but the real differences come from the companies that made them. Cryptic's strong points are their attention for insane customization and fulfilling the power fantasy of being a superhero. Combat here is a whole lot of fun, although it's made moreso by the fact that your character looks pretty much how you'd like it to look.

    The game has many of the MMO staples: Guilds, crafting, PvP, ect. It does a lot of what you expect it to do, and a little of what you don't. Whether that's a good or bad thing ultimately depends on your expectations. Champions thankfully doesn't try to revolutionize the entire concept of an MMO. Instead of reinventing the wheel, the game's focus is on figuring out what compliments the wheel. An axel? A cart of some kind? Spokes? Maybe some spinners -- okay maybe not. You get the idea.