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    started a topic iOS 5 is winning

    iOS 5 is winning

    Been running the beta for a while now and it's easily the biggest, bestest release Apple have made. Some of the awesomeness I'm enjoying:

    - Safari Reader means plain-text reading of articles, and the ability to save it to read later or when offline.
    - Red-eye reduction built-in....
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  • Gears of War 'possible on iPhone in two years'

    Gears of War 'possible on iPhone in two years'

    You read correctly; games the caliber of Gears of War could be running on devices such as the iPhone within a couple of years. But really, who's surprised? Considering the enormous leap forward in mobile device hardware in recent times, paired with the tech demos we've seen of the Unreal Engine and id Tech 5 running on the iPhone, there's little doubt AAA titles on mobile phones is just around the corner....
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  • Reckless Racing is one to watch out for

    Reckless Racing is one to watch out for

    Reckless Racing, a top-down racer from Pixelbite, was brought to my attention by a preview over at Kotaku. It's in development for the iPhone, iPad and Android, looks gorgeous, and more importantly looks like a whole lot of fun. Click through to the full article for a look at the trailer - this is sure to generate some interest for fans of classic arcade racers such as Offroad and Super Sprint.
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  • Fruit Ninja sells 1 million, summersaults onto iPad

    Fruit Ninja sells 1 million, summersaults onto iPad

    There aren't many games that have kept me coming back time and time again on the iPhone. Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies are a couple, and another is Fruit Ninja. It seems I'm not the only one who likes to slice and dice fruit, with the iPhone game now surpassing 1 million downloads.
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  • iPhone controlled SNES iPad

    iPhone controlled SNES iPad

    For those diving in on an iPad purchase tomorrow, you may also want to consider an immediate Jailbreak if you're a gamer. As demonstrated in the embedded video, there are some super nifty Super Nintendo emulators ready to go. This one in particular lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch as the SNES controller!...
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  • Nintendo, Apple ramp-up mobile gaming

    Nintendo, Apple ramp-up mobile gaming

    Nintendo's recently revealed 3DS hand-held is set to feature a 3D screen - sans the silly glasses. The device will also feature a "3D control stick", presumably an analogue stick. Today sharp released a slew of details regarding a new technology, which is a 3D touchscreen LCD, switchable between 2D and 3D modes. The 3.4-inch, 480 x 854 screen has instantly become the rumored tech to be featured in Nintendo's next iteration of the DS.

    On the iPhone forefront, some patent-snooping has turned up some very interesting applications from Apple. It seems they're considering motion sensing, rumble, dual screen and button add-ons for the iPhone, iPod and indeed iPad. IntoMobile discovered the patent made public yesterday, and would be sure to alleviate the frustration many have with using a touch screen exclusively for mobile gaming.
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    started a topic Bill Gates talks iPad

    Bill Gates talks iPad

    I actually disagree. Netbooks are fail - a good tablet is a far better solution for that intermediate use. Shame about the iPad.

    Bill Gates responds to Apple iPad - Laptops - ComputerworldUK...
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    started a topic Watch out iPad; Google OS concept tablet

    Watch out iPad; Google OS concept tablet

    Chrome OS Concept Tablet Breaks Cover With Demo - HotHardware...
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