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How to watch Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer without a VPN

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  • How to watch Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer without a VPN

    I've been running two virtual machines acting as proxies on my HTPC, each connected to a VPN (US/UK), and running individual programs and web pages through the relevant proxy on my laptop, desktop etc. Awesomely, OverDrive has found an infinitely easier way to watch international content, at a fraction of the price - but you'll need a router that lets you specify connection DNS addresses, and you should have a static IP preferably.
    1. Sign-up to Unblock Us - unblock your favourite video and social websites for $5 a month.
    2. Once you run through their setup, your IP will be registered with their service.
    3. You can now use their DNS servers, so add those addresses to your router's connection config (instead of automatically using what your ISP assigns).
    Presto, you're done. The smarts are at their end with where/how domains are looked up. Now you're connecting 1-1 to your media destination, rather than an extra hop (or more) via a bottlenecked VPN machine. HD streaming, no buffering, and automatically works on every device on your network.

    To make it clear: this is still a direct internet connection, and operates no differently than using your ISP domain name servers. There is no performance sacrifice, just a different place where lookups are made.
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    I rock.

    And yes - this works. Had Hulu Plus and BBC iPlayer going at the same time last night with no proxy/VPN etc settings done. Just a machine on my network. So easy, so quick, so good.

    iPad did Pandora then HuluPlus then Netflix - all fine with no settings required.


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        but whats on hulu etc thats not on torrents beforehand?


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          Torrents? lol - what's on Torrents that's not on Usenet beforehand?

          Besides, you're missing the point. The point of using this, or a VPN, is to watch not just recent broadcasts, but LIVE TV as well. And then there are shows that hit websites moments after airing, like The Daily Show.

          Things you can watch that you couldn't otherwise:
          • Netflix
          • Hulu
          • Pandora
          • Vudu
          • Amazon Video
          • CBS
          • NHL
          • ESPN
          • BBC Live and iPlayer
          • ABC
          • FOX
          • wat
          • MLB.TV
          • NBC
          • itv
          • TF1
          • MTV
          • truTV
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            Great news indeed... /goes off to find if his 7404VGP has this function.

            What about steam purchases?

            I feel a sticky coming on.


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              Still need a VPN for Steam etc.

              I'm gonna find the cheapest possible - quality is irrelevant for purchases.


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                The word "torrents" make me cringe. Kind of like "Limewire".


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                  And "aids".


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                    torrents are free, so they work for me


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                      But they're slow and annoying.


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                        Usenet is free too, if you're with Node.


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                          Usenet and sickbeard ftw. Once again thanks to OD's awesomeness.


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                            Originally posted by grandinferno View Post
                            But they're slow and annoying.
                            i get full speed on mine every time. must depend on where you get them from


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                              It more depends on how popular the file is, thus how many people are seeding it, the location of those seeds in relation to you, and each seed's upload speed.

                              All of those factors are entirely redundant with Usenet as files are server hosted with 20-50 simultaneous connections available. Critically, you don't have to upload (i.e. share) any illegal data, and each connection down is highly encrypted.


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