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  • THQ announce Australian Capcom event

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    THQ announce Australian Capcom event

    Care to have a stab at Asura's Wrath, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City or Street Fighter X Tekken? How about Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the PlayStation Vita? You can do just that on February 1st at the "Super Ultimate Showcase" if you live in Sydney or are willing to make the trek. The classic-arcade themed event, rumoured to be giving away an arcade machine to one lucky chap, is indeed a public event - but you do need to register. Spots are limited, so if you want to attend you'll need to ema...
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  • Harvey Norman opens "Direct Import" online shop for games

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    Harvey Norman opens "Direct Import" online shop for games

    Not too long ago Kogan began selling grey-market Apple, Samsung, Canon and Nikon products at far cheaper prices than what you would find in Australian stores, online or bricks-and-mortar. JB HI-FI then went on to launch their "Direct Import" store online for digital SLR camera products, citing inflated prices by Australian suppliers as the reason.

    Harvey Norman is the next in line to send a strong message about pricing in Australia, with Gerry Harvey hypocritically announcing www.h...
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  • Syndicate refused classification

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    Syndicate refused classification

    The highly anticipated Syndicate reboot has been refused classification in Australia. While no official statement has been made by developer Starbreeze, the result has emerged on the Australian Classification Database, stamped with "RC" today, "Refused Classification", effectively being banned in the country.

    We'll keep you updated on this story as news arrives.

    Update: Kotaku has gotten their hands on the Classification Board's official report, which gives us an idea of...
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  • Can't get fibre? Telstra's 100Mbit cable rolls-out

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    Can't get fibre? Telstra's 100Mbit cable rolls-out

    Many of us will likely be waiting for years for fibre to reach our suburbs, but we won't be forced into cowering helplessly while our peers flaunt their massive download speeds on Australia's new fibre infrastructure. Surprisingly, that's thanks to Telstra Bigpond - a phrase not often spoken. Melbournites have had access to Telstra's 100Mbps "Ultimate Cable" service since March, but as of December all other cable-connected capitals will be able to jump aboard the service as well. More specificall...
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  • Quickflix is like Netflix for Australians, launches next month

    Quickflix already has a DVD-by-post service, but on the 10th of November Quickflix will launch its digital distribution platform on PC and Mac. It's already available if you have a "smart" Sony Bravia TV.

    For $15 per month you get unlimited access - as many movies as you can handle....
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  • Live coverage from EB Games Expo

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    Live coverage from EB Games Expo

    The first ever EB Games Expo starts tomorrow morning on the Gold Coast, where participants will be able to have a play with games such as Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3 and Batman Arkham City. Lex, Bam and I will be there for all three sessions and look forward to keeping you all up to date with photos and updates from the event.

    We don't plan on spamming the news page with every little bit of information however, nor fill your Facebook feed. Instead, we'll give Twitter a work-out. To keep...
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  • Battlefield 3 early access starts 10pm tomorrow

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    Battlefield 3 early access starts 10pm tomorrow

    If you pre-ordered Battlefield 3 on EA's Origin prior to September 25th, or registered your first-hand copy of Medal of Honor: Limited Edition/Tier 1 Edition, or purchased Medal of Honor Limited Edition from Steam prior to July 26th, you'll soon be playing the early access beta! EA Australia have revealed that the early access beta will kick off at 10pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on the 27th of September - that's tomorrow night! For our international readers, here is when you'll be a...
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  • How to watch Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer without a VPN

    I've been running two virtual machines acting as proxies on my HTPC, each connected to a VPN (US/UK), and running individual programs and web pages through the relevant proxy on my laptop, desktop etc. Awesomely, OverDrive has found an infinitely easier way to watch international content, at a fraction...
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  • Crytek price-gouging Australians with Crysis 2

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    Crytek price-gouging Australians with Crysis 2

    Another big title, and another big kick in the pants for Aussie gamers. Crysis 2 has just been made available for pre-purchase on Steam. Our price down-under is AUD $70, while those in the UK can snap it up for just 30 pounds - that's AUD $48. With the game already leaked and being downloaded by hundreds of thousands of potential buyers, you really would have thought they would have attempted to make the purchase a little more compelling....
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  • Australian StarCraft II players to get access to North American servers

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    Australian StarCraft II players to get access to North American servers

    Good news everyone! Blizzard had originally planned to lock Australian StarCraft II players to the Southeast Asian servers, making it impossible to play with a larger English speaking community on North American servers. Recently however, they announced via the game's official Facebook page that they won't be region-locking Australian players to Southeast Asian servers after all. ...
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  • Google Rejects Australian Censorship Proposal

    Google baulks at Conroy's call to censor YouTube...
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  • My Australian Wildlife calendar

    I don't think I posted it here, but I made an Australian Nature calendar a few years back for a year 12 assignment. Well. I'm no longer a poor school student, so I've redesigned it for 2010, and I'm going to get it printed. This is the finished product:

    Attached images are the front...
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  • India vs Australia - Test series

    Starts tomorrow - and this shit just got real...

    Aussies cheated in Sydney: Sehwag - Cricket - Fox Sports
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  • OverDrive
    started a topic AU iPhone release info

    AU iPhone release info

    Australian iPhone Release Info Given to Resellers by Apple Australia - MacTalk Forums

    For those that way inclined......
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