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  • Movies Worth Watching

    I thought it may be an idea to have a thread similar to the TV shows worth watching for films.

    I've been watching a lot of trailers lately - mainly on Film trailers and New Movie trailers by as well as the usual suspects.

    To start the ball rolling Seth Rogens new film (with guys from Clerks) looks the biz.

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    Here's another


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      Role Models looks like it could be good.

      I've been trying to catch up on some movies from 2005-2007 that I missed out on. A couple that I've watched in the past few days that I'd highly recommend are "This Is England" and "Charlie Wilson's War".


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        Oh and one I saw recently at the cinemas which I thought was brilliant was Changeling. It's quite drawn out - bit of an epic period drama about police corruption, so it's not for everyone, but I thought it was all-class...


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          The Spirit and Special were two particular let-downs, but I saw Burn After Reading the other night and it was suprisingly awesome...


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              Just watched "Burn after reading" myself, and it was certainly njot what I thought it might be.

              Entertaining, but not a "must see" in my book.

              Zack and Miri looks good though.


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                I felt it was an ingenious stroke of social commentary and life parody. Down a similar path to American Beauty. It's definitely not like Hollywood to bring that kind of intelligence to the screen (not often at least). The dry humour really hits the spot, for me at least.


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                  Oh yes, it was definitely worth a watch - I may have diluted my appreciation slightly in the previous post.

                  What I guess I was getting at was that I don't feel any different today for having seen it, nor do I feel the need to make sure everyone I know sees it. It wasn't one of THOSE movies.


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                    I watched the wrestler today...

                    Mickey Rourke is great in this movie, even if you think wrestling is stupid and fake, the movie is worth a watch.


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                      I like Mickey Rourke and saw this trailer on Foxtel yesterday. Will definitely give it a go.


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                        *coff* available now in selected home cinemas *coff*


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                          Great movie


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                            Slumdog Millionaire... brilliant. At it's core it's a romance movie based around a fluffy chic-flick concept, but there's so much more to it than that. Quite frankly, it's the best "romance" movie I've seen, ever.

                            And yes, that's Sigur Ros backing the trailer.


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                              I noticed (while playing Left4Dead) that there's still a lot of people that haven't seen Braindead. If you're one of those people, make sure you do watch the film that enabled the Lord Of The Rings movies to happen



                              youtube has the lawnmower scene here too - might be a bit much for the squeamish - Spirit noticed the lawnmower in the basement of one of the houses in L4D



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