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  • Battlefield 3: Battlelog features explained

    in News

    Battlefield 3: Battlelog features explained

    Battlefield 3's Battlelog developers have chimed in for an interesting walk-through of the web service. They explain what it features, why it's different and why it's important. The video also shows a world first glimpse of Battlelog on the iPhone, which is very cool indeed. For iPhone owners. "With Battlelog, we are expanding the social aspect of playing Battlefield 3, and Platoons is one of the central concepts in doing that. Check out the Battlelog video above for a closer look at the social ...
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  • Brookie23
    started a topic iPhone screen repairers?

    iPhone screen repairers?

    ^ my phone after coming off the roof of my car at 70km/h. Does anyone repair or know someone who repairs iPhone screens? I know there are a bunch around Darwin, but they aren't well advertised....
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  • rec
    started a topic iOS 5 is winning

    iOS 5 is winning

    Been running the beta for a while now and it's easily the biggest, bestest release Apple have made. Some of the awesomeness I'm enjoying:

    - Safari Reader means plain-text reading of articles, and the ability to save it to read later or when offline.
    - Red-eye reduction built-in....
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  • OverDrive
    started a topic iPhone Dropbox Backup

    iPhone Dropbox Backup

    How To Backup, Restore And Sync iPhone & iPad Apps/Games Data With Dropbox | Redmond Pie...
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  • Man hacks Times Square billboards with iPhone

    (CBS) - First off I'm going to state that I do not know if this is in fact real or fake. My gut is telling me it has to be fake... but if it's real, I'm so going to buy one! In this video, a man uses his iPhone, and a video transmitter and repeater to "hack" video billboards...
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  • RakeR
    started a topic For Sale: RakeR - Technology Sale Bonanza

    RakeR - Technology Sale Bonanza

    Hello GU,

    I would like to sell off all of my PC gear as Im upgrading. I have included some other electronic items that I would like to sell which include:
    • iPhone 3GS 16GB - SOLD
    • iPod Nano 8GB
    • Digital SLR Cameras
    • Etc
    All these items are located in Darwin.

    Those interested...
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  • Gears of War 'possible on iPhone in two years'

    Gears of War 'possible on iPhone in two years'

    You read correctly; games the caliber of Gears of War could be running on devices such as the iPhone within a couple of years. But really, who's surprised? Considering the enormous leap forward in mobile device hardware in recent times, paired with the tech demos we've seen of the Unreal Engine and id Tech 5 running on the iPhone, there's little doubt AAA titles on mobile phones is just around the corner....
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  • Android vs iPhone cross-platform play coming

    Android vs iPhone cross-platform play coming

    It'd be pretty cool to battle it out against your mate, who foolishly owns an opposing mobile platform to your own. And that's exactly what the guys over at OpenFeint think, too. For those who don't know, OpenFeint is a match-making and stats platform used by a whole heap of iPhone and Android games, including the justt released Monster Dash.
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  • id Software shows off new games, discounts old

    id Software shows off new games, discounts old

    QuakeCon is underway, and to celebrate id Software in conjunction with Bethesda has lined up most of their back catalog at crazy, bargain basement prices. You'll find Doom and Wolfenstein titles on the iPhone App Store starting a mere AUD $1.19, and 66% of a bunch of titles on Steam. They're only on sale until Sunday, but each day until then you'll find another great deal made available.
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  • Reckless Racing is one to watch out for

    Reckless Racing is one to watch out for

    Reckless Racing, a top-down racer from Pixelbite, was brought to my attention by a preview over at Kotaku. It's in development for the iPhone, iPad and Android, looks gorgeous, and more importantly looks like a whole lot of fun. Click through to the full article for a look at the trailer - this is sure to generate some interest for fans of classic arcade racers such as Offroad and Super Sprint.
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  • Fruit Ninja sells 1 million, summersaults onto iPad

    Fruit Ninja sells 1 million, summersaults onto iPad

    There aren't many games that have kept me coming back time and time again on the iPhone. Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies are a couple, and another is Fruit Ninja. It seems I'm not the only one who likes to slice and dice fruit, with the iPhone game now surpassing 1 million downloads.
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  • iPhone OS4 Download (iOS 4.0 GM Gold Master Torrent)

    Attached, for anyone who has a 3GS.

    Note that to perform the restore successfully using this firmware image, you need to be running iTunes 9.2 beta, which is only available for Mac OS X at present....
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  • iPhone controlled SNES iPad

    iPhone controlled SNES iPad

    For those diving in on an iPad purchase tomorrow, you may also want to consider an immediate Jailbreak if you're a gamer. As demonstrated in the embedded video, there are some super nifty Super Nintendo emulators ready to go. This one in particular lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch as the SNES controller!...
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  • ResLo
    started a topic Epic! New iphone found in toilet

    New iphone found in toilet

    iPhone 4G: proof -- Engadget

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  • iPhone to get gaming network with OS 4.0

    iPhone to get gaming network with OS 4.0

    The cat is out of the bag on the next major iPhone update. Mostly importantly for everyday use is the official implementation of multitasking, as featured in the embedded video - but this and many other features will only be possible on the iPhone 3GS and newer. There's a whole lot more than multitasking to gawk at, however.....
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