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Battlefield 3: Battlelog features explained


  • Battlefield 3: Battlelog features explained

    Source: Battleblog #12: Fight for the honor and glory of your Battlefield 3 Platoon! [Battlefield Blog]
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    • Milenko
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      The squad system is more conducive to all modes of gameplay. Consider 1942, DC Mod etc. You could literally spend 3 -4 minutes running to get to the action; only to die instantly to a vehicle once you get there. Squad systems let you get back into the battle nice and quick. The only issue i had with BC2's squad spawn system was the second or so invulnerability the spawned member had. Fortunately BF3 doesn't have this. The only adjustment I can see occurring is the recon's beacon. It needs to have a shorter life time.

      Also, the Squad system is reportedly 'lite' for the beta. I've read (unconfirmed) reports that it's going to be very similar to BC2.

    • Aegis
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      Originally posted by Lothar
      How was BC2 squads awesome. Spawning on anyone is good but I think in clan / battle / competative play it is an overpowering feature just to come back in on one person. In BF2 you at least had to have the Squad leader stand back for a spawn point or at least leave the squad to make someone else squad leader so the rest of the team could spawn if they wanted.

      Pub play. Who cares. Not like half the team is there for the objectives of wining or team play - they are just there for cod style killing with vehicles.
      BF:BC2 let you either PICK the squad you wanted or create your own - regardless of any other shit in there, this is an important feature.

      Lenko - i hope you heard right. Tho it seems weird to do it this way for beta.
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