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JD_2020 updates Call of Duty: Black Ops fix list for PC


  • JD_2020 updates Call of Duty: Black Ops fix list for PC

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ID:	596547 Treyarch's community manager, JD_2020, has just updated us on what exactly was fixed in the latest patch, but more importantly what wasn't - but will be. As you're probably aware, CPU performance improvements were made, dropping usage and upping frame rates. However poor saps like me on an Nvidia GTX480 are still experiencing hitching and stuttering. If you're in my boat, Treyarch hasn't forgotten about us!

    It was believed that GPU optimisations for the lag being experienced was going to make it into the last patch, instead "GPU hitching on certain graphics cards" is still on the to-do list, and we can likely expect that to be addressed next time the game is patched. Other upcoming fixes include"Incomplete server browser results" and "Improvements to Quickmatch joins (results with better ping and reduced lag)".

    Meanwhile however, the Xbox 360 has received literally dozens of gameplay adjustments and refinements. From louder footsteps to decreasing the knife lunge distance. Let's cross our fingers, and hope the same amount of effort to balance the game will be put into the PC version.
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      Skellen commented
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      I am just a little annoyed they seem to be wasting time on piddly problems when there are bigger fish to fry. If most people could play and didnt have the Hitching and lag then they wouldnt mind the knife distance etc

      first priority shoul dbe get the masses playing smoothly.....then fix the little things

      I can run MW and MW2 all on high settings very comfortably......but this runs like a pig no matter what settings, and it really needs fixing

      any idea when the next patch will be out?

    • Ratty
      Ratty commented
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      ^ the problem with that is mate that not everyone has that issue, im on a fairly mediocre PC and it runs fine for me, yeh every now and again i get a bit of hitching or stutter for about 2 seconds but thats it.

      yes there is some bad coding and some issues that a lot of people are having that needs fixing, but in my case the knifing is the biggest issue.

      My main concern is the games polish (i.e. little things), Treyarch is obviously not the most fail developer ever or there game wouldn't have smashed sales records on release.

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      Thorned commented
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      Actually they could still have smashed records by selling on the name. People tend to buy according to a brand name even if it is a buggerup. Hopefully they'll fix a lot more in the very near future
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